Thursday, April 7, 2022



"I need to wash the dishes,
 I need to try & cook,
 I need to check the mail,
 I need to read that book,. . ."

But nothing else matters right now.

"I need to go for a walk,
 I need to organize the bills,
 I need to respond to her message,
 I need to get refills,. . ."

But nothing else matters right now.

"I need to run that errand,
 I need to complete that application,
 I need to go to that meeting,
 I need to have that conversation,. . ."

But nothing else matters right now.

"I need to go to the store,
 I need to clean this mess,
 I need to finish my chores,
 I need to study for that test,. . ."

But nothing else matters right now.

Our daily list
         of things "to do"
                         often seems endless.

You don't have to do it all in a day.

Right now,
        all that matters
          is your need to get some rest



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