Friday, July 20, 2018

The Sun & Moon

For my sweetheart,

"The Sun & Moon" 

You're the Sun, ☀️
& I'm the Moon. 🌙
I'm November,
& you're June.

We're the opposites that attract,
But our sameness holds us intact.

You're bright, fiery, frenetic,
bold, beaming, energetic.🔥
I'm the mystic, amassing sea,
feelings flowing deep through me. 🌊

You're the warmth of the flame, at its core;
I'm cool, fresh water, reaching the shore.

You're the shining exuberant day,
up with busyness & play.
I'm the sparkling starry night,
ideas alive & at flight.

You're the beacon at the highest arc,
I'm the light that glows within the dark.

Though different, we both have a tendency towards growth & change.
We're yin & yang; the complementary ends of a spectrum, a range. ☯️

On a rare occasion, our pattern flips,
& when the time is right, we eclipse. 🌘

You're the Sun, ☀️
& I'm the Moon. 🌙
You're the horizon
I'm the dune.

We're the opposites that attract,
But our sameness holds us intact. 

Thanks for reading. ❤

1 comment:

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